Sunday, June 1, 2014


Creativity:  Finding new purposes for old treasures.

 I love the creativity people have when they shop our sale. Many tell us how they are going to "re-purpose" the vintage items they are purchasing for use in their home. Here are some examples:

This old gum display was purchased by a new Mom for a colorful nursery for their twin boy and girl. Their little baby shoes will be stored on these racks for now. Later, when the shoes get too big for this rack it will have another purpose. How fun is that?

This vintage comb and brush holder was purchased by a teenage girl who will use it to store her nail polish. What a great idea!

This vintage silverware tray has cute little images on a green border. Its new owner is keeping it on her kitchen counter filled with tea bags! So clever. I have one of these also but in red and I ended up "stealing" her idea!

The two photos above are of a very old grain bin scoop. The lucky owner said she would use it at Christmas for decor, adding greenery and other beautiful treasures to it. I'd love to see this!

Hob Nobber partner Renee purchased my vintage laundry cart to use as...well, for her laundry. Well, some things are still fun to use for their original purpose. It was however, an industrial cart. She waited until the end of the sale to give our customers first dibs though. I was surprised that it wasn't one of the first things to go. I will be sharing some items in another post  that I was surprised that didn't sell.

Another item that was re-purposed (though I don't have a photo ) was an old antique "washer". It consisted of a long pole with a funnel-like thing at the bottom. I'm going to take the credit here for finding a new purpose for this. It didn't sell until I put some rolls of toilet paper on the pole so you could use it as a unique storage for extra rolls of toilet paper. I just slipped those toilet paper rolls on it and someone snapped it up. People even came back and asked if we had more of those "toilet paper holders". Hah!

What new creative uses have you found for your vintage items? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I love the concept of re-purposing something, ( although I've never done it) I especially like the gum display to childs cubbie. I'll have to work on my creative side so that I can come up with re-purposing ideas.
    Best, Sharon

  2. Hi Sandy!
    I love reading about new uses for pretty old things. I love the tea bag idea, but I don't have much counter space. I'll have to think about that. I am heading out for my favorite antique spots soon. There is an outdoor market once a month during the summer and it's scheduled for this coming Saturday. Yahoo! Maybe I'll take my camera.

  3. What creative repurposing ideas! I think my favorite was the laundry cart for the unique purpose of a laundry cart lol!



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