Saturday, May 31, 2014


After taking off a couple of days to rest and recover from the sale, Renee, Karen and I got together at my home for a light dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night going over what worked well, what didn't work as well as we would have liked,  separating the tags, and counting the money.

I had to laugh when I looked at this picture and realized that most of the items I used here were all old when I purchased them. Until I gained an interest in vintage items, everything I purchased was new and bought from a store. The dishes and blue ball jar I bought at an Estate sale, the place mats and napkins were purchased at our sale and were Renees, the candle sticks were Karens and I purchased them at our sale. 

The butter pats belonged to my Mother-in-law and the vintage grain sack runner I purchased on Etsy.

You can see all our work at the other end of the table. Just waiting for us to dig in!  We were up to midnight working on it all!  Our sales events take a lot of work but they are always worth it!

We're already collecting for our next sale over Labor Day weekend! The hunt begins again!

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