Monday, July 7, 2014


I am trying to stay calm but.....


 Google has disabled my g-mail account and the 350 names on my mailing list along with it!!!  I sent an "appeal" which they suggested  and they sent an e-mail back saying I didn't respond soon enough and it was too late for an appeal!! It had only been three weeks! Has this happened to anyone else before?? I went to every "help page" and "help forum" they offered but it kept telling me to set up a new account!!

Did you know that Google can disable any account whenever they want for any or no reason whatsoever?

They also switched my blog account to another e-mail address , one I have never used and set up by mistake!! I don't get upset too often but...  REALLY?  

Then after a lot of hunting around on the internet, I finally found a phone number for Google and called them. I was put on hold and after more than an hour, I ended up hanging up! I'm not sure they were ever going to answer....They kept saying they were helping other people! And they appreciated my patience!!

I use the mailing list to let our Hob Nobber customers know when our next sale will be so it was very important to me. Yes, I should have saved a back up list but I never thought anything like this could happen!! Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

If YOU were on that mailing list and would like to remain on the list please e-mail me and let me know.  Thanks! I'm not talking about the one on this blog where you sign up to receive blog posts. This is an e-mail list I send out to those who come to our sales.

Sorry to have to throw in this little tantrum on a post where I would RATHER post fun stuff...


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