Sunday, July 13, 2014


I've been going to Estate Sales a lot recently. Also some auctions! So once again I've found some exciting things to offer for sale at our next sales event coming up in September!

                              Vintage toaster holder but could be repurposed as a fun letter holder . Did I already show you this? I can't remember...And I don't want to take the time to check back right now.

                                       Vintage clothes brush from France with a monogram

                                                                 Lots of old photos!

                                                            Vintage locker pin and tag.


                                              Royal Crownford Ironstone soap dish

                                                     Great patina on this vintage stool

                                                                 Old vintage box with lid

                                                          Three burlap coffee bags

                                 Two framed prints by the Swedish artist, Carl Larson

           Very cool old chair that I thought I might keep for myself as a desk chair...Still thinking about this one.

                                           Easter egg made in Western Germany

                                         Old wood shelf with drawers. This is only half of it.

                                                         Vintage tall wooden basket.
               AND FOR ME ....

                                 This vintage blue enamel Danish soap container. The word says "soap". I paid more for this than I usually do, but I loved it so...

                                    And this large stoneware crock for a reasonably priced $3

And there is lots more!!!  Tomorrow night Les and I are going out of town for an auction! I hope we can find some great stuff to bring home for all you who come to our sales!

Would love it if you would go and like us on Facebook!! Since our e-mail list is gone ( read previous post ) I will communicate about our sales on Facebook!

One more little funny thing... I read in the newspaper about a lady who went into the local jails to help women with writing music for a therapeutic class. She was telling about one incarcerated woman who was having problems with her male relationships. She said she was a very nice lady, but that her "guy-picker was broken". Anyone else have a  "broken guy-picker"?  Hahaha, I'm going to have to use that one!!


  1. Love that locker key and pin and also the crock.

  2. I love that tall wooden basket and the Larson prints! What great finds my friend! It's fun, isn't it? Wish you could shop here in my area....there are some great deals! And I can't buy everything! lol Need a shopper? Hugs, Diane


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