Thursday, October 2, 2014


Our home ( see "Plummer House" page ) is the site of many weddings. It is fun to see all the different styles of weddings that take place here. We see so many great ideas! I'd kind of like to "get married" again and be more creative this time around! To the same guy, of course! Hah! Back in the day when we got married, there weren't many options to be creative. They had "rules of marriage etiquette" that one had to follow. "Dinner" was just ham sandwiches in the church basement. Not very exciting. Still, we didn't know any different as this was what everyone did. But things started changing soon after we got married, so yeah, it would be fun to have a more creative celebration...maybe for our 50th wedding anniversary!

 Here is a recent wedding where horse drawn wagon rides were given to guests! The bride and groom first...

Notice the wagon drivers all dressed in long black dresses and head wear. Also the hanging lanterns and table cards hanging from a tree. Yeah, hubby and I might want to do this!

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  1. Hi Sandy! I don't even think the word "creative" was used when we were planning our weddings, decades ago! Ha ha! I agree! Now it would be a different game! Oh how wonderful that you get to witness all the happiness at such a lovely venue!


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