Sunday, November 9, 2014



Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a little Monday morning chat...

Do you see life as an adventure, a journey, a battle, a classroom, a race, or________________ ( fill in the blank )? The metaphor you use for your life will determine  your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. For example, if you see life as a race you might think you have to keep running to beat others and win. If you see life as an adventure you might end up taking more risks in life. If you see life as a classroom, you might think of everything you come across as a learning experience.

 Maybe you're like Forrest Gump who said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get."

So what is your metaphor for life? Without thinking about it, we have each developed a metaphor for our life that has continued to define our life from early on until the present.  Are you happy with your view of the world? Would you like to be more optimistic and happier? More adventurous? Maybe you need to change the metaphor for your life. It is possible to change the metaphor for your life and how you see your world.

Pick out a metaphor and think through how that will allow you to see things in a different light.But make it a good one! One that will lift you up, get you excited about life,  and help you enjoy your life more. 

 I've always thought of life as an adventure. Adventures are exciting! I like having an exciting life...good excitement, that is! Adventures are not always easy but if I can have a good attitude I can get through them. It's kind of like going on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, which I have done. There are difficult portages and sometimes some rain but I always had fun...because it was an adventure! Adventures also encourage risk taking as well! While I'm not a risk taker by nature, this metaphor has helped me try things I might not have tried otherwise. It has stretched me in many ways. And when unexpected things happen, I just remind myself that life is an adventure, after all. I like seeing life as an adventure! Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure, or, nothing!" If Helen Keller can see life as an adventure then I certainly should be able to!

Yes, changing your life metaphors can change your life! This week choose a metaphor for your life that helps you see your life in new ways! A metaphor that will bring more happiness, enjoyment,  a more positive attitude, excitement, or whatever it is that you want in your life!

What metaphor are you going to choose?  .


  1. I've had this post up to read over again. I chose the word adventure last year for my inspiration word and we started hiking our local trails and have continued this year. I like the metaphor of the camera. I've definitely had to 'shoot again' in my life. Not much about my life now resembles the first half of my life. I felt beaten down then but now I feel liberated. It has taken making drastic changes....some were made for me and others I made myself. Love your Monday morning posts my friend! Thank you so much! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Thanks, Diane! So happy that you now feel liberated! How fun that thinking of your life as an adventure inspired you to get out there and explore! With the camera as your metaphor you can get ready to capture the good times! Have a great week!


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