Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I only took a few trips this past Fall to Estate Sales to build up inventory for our sales . Things just got too busy. But one sale was loaded with vintage Scandinavian treasures so I had to get to that one. I didn't get there on the first day so I missed many treasures. But I DID find some fun things so it was totally worth the trip! I bought even more than I'm showing here but I have to have SOME surprises! These will be at our next sale over Memorial Day weekend 2015 so if you see something you like here don't forget the date!  Now I wish I had purchased even more!

Large painted wood firkin

I might have to keep one of these cotton tablecloths! Blue is my color!

Small drying rack

Sweet blue box

Blue metal planters with tray

Frog and candle holder

Scandinavian heart

Advertising trivet

Vintage teal colored hamper/bench
Vintage balance

Small hooks on board with wooden carved bobble heads

                                                  Can't wait to get back out pickin' again!


  1. Good stuff! You must have so much fun when you are hunting for treasures!

  2. Love those table cloths, l have a few like that, so soft on the eye. Pam xx


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