Monday, March 30, 2015


Yesterday I shared about our long time vacation destination on the sunny beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida! If you've heard the "BAD NEWS" about this area, I'll be sharing the "GOOD NEWS" about this area. Read yesterday's post here to know what I'm talking about. Today I'm just going to share what the condo WE'RE staying in looks like. It's a smaller condo sleeping four people. Here it is:
I've also found some great places to hunt for antique treasures here and even happened upon some great stuff at a garage sale once though I don't usually make it a practice to go to garage sales while on vacation. At our upcoming sale over Memorial Day weekend we will have an area of vintage nautical/lake/beach themed decor. So while here I'm going to scout out some nautical finds if I can. Last year there was a flea market in the marina with vintage nautical decor so I purchased a few things for myself.
This time around I'll be looking for treasures for YOU! UPDATE: Since I wrote this post, sadly another tragic event took place here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Seven people were shot by a friend in the beach house they were renting. Though no one was killed, it was a tragedy that should never have happened! They are students from a college in Alabama. Again, I would definitely NOT let MY kids come down here alone! Also they are at the East end of the beach, miles away from where we are staying. The locals are working to deal with this element of the youth that are causing issues and hoping to turn things around. Unfortunately there are SOME business' that make tons of money from these kids that want them coming back. In the meantime we are enjoying our vacation, along with many others, and don't see ANY of the issues that are apparent, miles away at the other end of the beach. We feel safe and are having a great time!

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