Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I've discovered five creative bloggers/websites who have come up with some awesomely amazing window treatments. And not only are these very easily replicated but they could be inexpensive to boot! I am not  a huge DIY-er but I think even I might be able to pull these off! The amazing thing is how they thought up these creative designs! But we can take some inspiration from them and start our own creative juices flowing by taking it all in! And isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?

The first two are from Funky Junk Interiors.  Donna is extremely creative and I love her rustic, shabby decor! She is on my list of favorite creative bloggers. I think she was highlighting the bed frame in this photo but I also noticed the funky window treatment. Using an antique hanger, it appears that draperies were hung over it and clipped on using old clothespins. How easy could that be to do? Knowing how creative she is, she probably sewed these curtains herself but you could even get some already made and hang them like this. And I love the way the bottom is casually flounced ( is that a real word? ) on the floor! Love this whole look!

 Next up is her burlap bag kitchen window treatment. The edges are frayed which gives it a finished look. A whimsical painted board is hung over the top with some interesting rustic decor hanging from it! Love it!

The next photo from Makely Home is unique also. If you love vintage hats this one's for you! Isn't this cute? You could purchase a board with hooks or even make one yourself. Then simply hang the hats!
And you can switch up the hats to go with the seasons and create new looks. If you have a hat collection you're almost there! If not, begin your collection now.

This kitchy looking "valance" was for sale by Kristen Berry on Etsy but sold. Want something similar?  String colorful kitchen utensils between beads and hang for a fun and unusual window treatment. Or contact Kristen and ask her to make another for you. For a different look you could use vintage rustic utensils that have one color in common.
 And here's another rustice valance for your cabin or home. This one from Chaishions. Is that a fishing pole on top? It appears that fish netting and burlap are intertwined and hung around small buoys and fish hooks. Then fishing creels hang by the side of the window. So creative!

And last but not least is this boys room idea from Miss Mustard Seed, another one of my favorite decor/DIY bloggers. I love her style and get a lot of ideas and inspiration from her blog! She hung a vintage golf club on hooks and then hung vintage banners as a valance. You could hang more banners across the top if you wished. Love this whole room!

There are so many creative ideas on Blogs and also on Pinterest. Check them out and get inspired! I have some windows that need curtains so this has given me the motivation I need to get to it!

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  1. I love it when I see something really creative on a window. Love the hats!


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