Monday, April 20, 2015


There was a Estate/garage sale in a small town near here but I decided to sleep in on the first day of the sale. I know, Early Bird gets the worm and all that but I was tired. On the second day, and in the afternoon, I decided to drive over and hope there might be something left. Shoulda been there on the first day. Coulda bought some great stuff. Woulda if I hadn't been tired. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

And yet....they were now selling treasures for HALF PRICE! So I think I got the BIG DEALS of the day! I managed to find some fun "smalls" and a couple of larger pieces. The sale was in the garage and on into the kitchen of a townhouse. An elderly couple sat in chairs in the living room, talking to people as they walked in. They seemed to really be enjoying themselves. I found two sets of salt cellars. As I picked them up to look closer, the elderly lady shared, "Those are really old. I've had them quite a while."

 Not many people use salt cellars these days but I think they should make a come-back. They dress up the table in a simple way and are not very expensive, at least not at our sales!

Below are three egg cups. The first is Norwegian Figgjo Flint. The red one is from Norway and the other is unmarked. I might have a hard time letting these go as I have a small egg cup collection myself.

                  Not sure what this is but it is heavy for its size. Could be used as a paper weight.

                               Below is a vintage matchbox holder with a candle holder.

 This is an interesting piece of handmade funky Folk Art. It's a bird of some kind carved out of wood with a hollow "nut" as the body. I love Folk Art so it always stands out to me.

And last but not least ( of the smalls anyway) is this fun golfer door stop or book end. Another one selling like it on eBay says it is from the 1930's but I don't know if that is accurate.

My husband, a golfer himself,  might want this so we'll see...If not, it will be in our Mantiques section at our Hob Nobbers sale. So that is just a few of my fun finds for this week!

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  1. Would you like to sell your Figgjo egg cup. I have 3 and feel lonely!
    Of so, you can contact me on

    Veronique de Clerck


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