Wednesday, May 13, 2015


"Organizing is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." Winnie the Pooh

I love to be organized! And I love to decorate with vintage decor! So combining the two is a perfect fit for me! Even in my art/crafting room I stay away from the plastic organizing bins and look for old boxes, old drawers, and other creative storage pieces. I use vintage planters to hold colored markers, old wired baskets for odds and ends, a vintage wooden shoe rack holds old drawers filled with goodies, and a long primitive bench holds a few things "waiting" to be stored. It sparks my creative spirit to be surrounded by old, repurposed, vintage inspiration. 

Want to get inspired to organize? I've gathered up some photos of spaces that illustrate how others have organized with vintage decor. It's "organization" and "decor" rolled into one.

Notice the use of the tool carrier, the ladder, the old wood shelf, the advertising boxes, wicker baskets, as well as the metal drawers...

                                I love this idea using old milk crates for storing sports equipment.

                              Below is a hutch turned into great crafting storage. So cute!


Below is my wooden shoe rack with an advertising box, a vintage drawer, wicker basket, and other boxes holding ribbons, vintage hankies, bits and bobs and more. This is a work in progress...

                             This vintage gum display of mine awaits treasures to store..My husband keeps         throwing his pill bottles in there  and would like to use it for that but I'm not" feeling it".

                       And my husband likes this old silverware caddy for all the remotes. I was going to paint it but he likes the old wood look.

                              This old berry box from Buds Berry Farm now holds magazines. It was a perfect find because my Dad's name was "Bud".

This little guy below used to hold sand in a bucket ( inside the ring ) which was used for putting out cigarettes. The little cup on the side held matches. We purchased a little bucket, sprayed it with chalkpaint, and wrote "KEYS" on the side. He now stands in our foyer and the bucket holds our keys.

To see more storage ideas for vintage treasures go to my Pinterest board, "Vintage Style Organizing".

And if you happen to be coming to our Spring occasional sale ( see sidebar ) we will have plenty of vintage and antique treasures for storing your treasures with vintage flair!


  1. Great ideas ! I have a few old metal milk crates in the back yard and I am thinking this is a good way to use them and gain more storage.

  2. Your ideas are fun, and functional too!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Love all of the storage ideas. What a find your gum baskets were and tell your hubby I said no to the pill bottles too lol!



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