Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Thanks to all of you who came to our Spring Sale! The turnout was great despite the rain!

There was a" rainbow" of colorful umbrellas lined up an hour and 15 minutes before the door opened! Thanks for not letting the rain dampen your enthusiasm to get in and buy our treasures. I hope you all found many treasures to take home and enjoy or to give as gifts! And we all hope you had as much fun getting your treasures as we did finding them for you!

Everything went fairly well, but because of the rain we had to eliminate our outdoor checkout. So instead of having three places to check out we only had two.  And a couple of our helpers came a bit late so for a while we only had  one check out. Aaaakkk!!  I got a little panicky about that, especially as the line grew out of the foyer and began circling the living room! And there is always some confusion in the wrapping room! OK maybe it's just me that's confused since I can't do two things at once. We were scrambling the first two hours while people were piling up their treasures in the "Holding Room" and we were trying to wrap everything. Good thing we all have a sense of humor about things! Les was out with an umbrella talking to people and announcing how things would work, including that when they brought things to the holding room, we would begin wrapping them up so they should make their final decision before they brought it to the holding room. "If it's on hold, it's sold!" was his refrain.

 I found an old cash register at an Estate Sale that we used to keep our cash in during the sale. When you pushed one of the keys the "amount" would pop up, a bell would "ding", and the cash drawer would open! We were really having fun with this until the door got stuck and we couldn't get the money out! Thankfully, we found out what was wrong and were able to get it working again! We purchased it to sell but we're having so much fun with it, I kind of hate to part with it! Still, if you're interested in buying it, let us know. It didn't sell at the sale and I'm learning I can't keep everything!

 Robert Hignite won our Give-Away, winning a gift certificate to shop the sale, Mary Emmerling's Cottage Decorating book, a stoneware bowl, a little "bird", and the opportunity to shop before others came in. We allowed him to bring a guest also. So the two of them came in and went to town, rushing all over the place as if they were in a contest to see how much they could acquire in an allotted time! They were even reluctant to stop to have their photo taken because it was taking up part of their shopping time!  It was fun just watching them shop!

So remember that for our next Give-Away and enter for the chance to do the same! Robert didn't have to wait outside in the line holding an umbrella. He just called and said they were "here" and they came in and shopped! And that can be YOU!  Next fall... when we have another Give-Away! Getting first pick of everything without fighting the crowd or standing in line.

But still...we admire those of you who braved the rain, standing out in the cold, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting!  Several of you told us it was worth the wait so that made us feel better! Thanks for that!

Before the sale things started out like this...

 Les' golf cart trailer was loaded up with all of our goodies and we drove a few yards away from our garage to the living room in the "Big House" where our sale took place. We hired a couple of guys to help us with that!

At the end of the sale we had a light dinner of pulled chicken sandwiches, potato salad, calico beans, chips, and wedding cake ( don't ask ).  Then we got to work packing up  the leftovers.

We always have fun at our sales and even though we're absolutely wiped out, we can't wait to get out and look for great stuff for our next sale!!


  1. Fun! I'm glad your sale was successful, Sandy! Beautiful treasures!

  2. Sounds like a huge success. I'd so love to attend.


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