Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.  Author unknown.

 This weekend I went to an Estate sale and picked up some nice things for upcoming sales. I am now shopping for three sales! We have our Fall Sale over the Labor Day weekend but this year I'm also going to take some things to Gold Rush, an antiques and flea market show that brings in people all over the U.S. I will have a vendor space there. The other Hob Nobbers will not be involved in this sale. It's just my husband and I. I am also collecting for my Etsy store which will be opening sometime this month. So I'm stocking up!

Here are a few of the little things I picked up.  But there is a lot more! Now to decide what venue to take each item to...

I always pick up any ironstone I find. I love this sweet little pitcher!

There were a lot of flower frogs at this sale. These are two that were different from the usual that I find. One is in its original box.

 Next is this set of vintage measuring cups shaped like a beehive.

I also pick up vintage children's hangers when I see them. If you can see the ticket behind the hanger it is the new "tag" I'm using. I'm actually pricing and tagging items as I get them for the first. time. ever! I usually procrastinate and have hundreds of items to mark and tag the week before our sale!

I'm not exactly sure what this little guy is. He is porcelain with two slots on either side of the bottom. He is a cook carrying a spoon in front. Does anyone know what the slots are for?

Flow blue is my favorite! Maybe I should keep this. ; )

Prisms for your "chandy", anyone? I have 15 of them!

How about this wonderful set of printing stamps? There are actually two levels to this set and it is in great condition as is the wooden case it is in!

A large primitive wood bowl! I love the coloring on this!

A pretty Nippon antique hat pin holder...

A "Mother's Poem" picture in a lovely frame. Every Mother should have one!

This cute little creamer...

And last but not least, this grouping of ephemera...

I also found some great larger pieces but I'll show those in another post. The lady who owned these items seems to have the same tastes that I have. Happily this was a "live estate" in that the lady who owned these treasures is still alive but is downsizing due to moving. 

And while I had my camera in hand, I snapped this shot of two of my husbands hats he had tossed on the post of the stair railing! Hah!

Have a wonderful day! Remember to add beauty to your home! And notice the "whimsie" in it as well!

NEW BLOG...I've started a new blog about how to live a happily balanced life. It's titled, well, "HAPPILY BALANCED". I'd love to have you follow along and share your ideas! Go here to see it.

Till Next Time...Sandy


  1. Sweet bee hive measuring cups :) Funny hats that make a face!
    Nice living sale!
    Happy 4th.


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