Tuesday, June 30, 2015


                                "Change always comes bearing gifts."  Price Pritchitt

I've been going back and forth over the years in being undecided about whether I should begin another blog.  Hob Nobbers, the blog,  was started to keep our Hob Nobber friends informed about our next occasional sale. I also shared photos of items we purchased so they could see in advance what we would offer for sale. "Hob Nobbers" is what we ( Karen, Renee, and I ) call ourselves. We "hob nob" all over the country looking for vintage  treasures for you.

Because there was so much time between sales ( we have one over Memorial Day weekend and one over Labor Day weekend ), I started sharing other things I was interested in. Like personal development, simplifying, organizing, etc. So I've kind of been all over the place with this blog and feel rather disjointed at times. Yeah, I like "order". In the past I  started a couple of other blogs but discontinued them because it seemed like a lot of work trying to keep up with more than one blog. But again I've come full circle and have decided to start another blog. I'm banking on Price's quote above that says "change comes bearing gifts".

Hob Nobbers will remain about vintage and antique "finds", decorating with these treasures, and keeping everyone informed about our next event. Since I am also starting an Etsy store selling vintage treasures, Gwen and Alma's, I will keep a page designated to that shop.

Another page that will remain is "Plummer House". The Plummer House is an historic 1917 mansion that we live in and act as Resident Directors. Since we are helping to restore the home to its former 1917 grandeur, it fits in to the Hob Nobber antique and vintage themes.

There. I feel better already! I'll share more about my new blog in future posts when it's up and running! I hope you'll keep following along here to get your "antique and vintage fix". And also to see what great "finds" are coming to our next sales event!

There is one exception here: Since I have started a four week online "workshop" about Simplifying Your Life, I will finish that series on this blog. It will be posted on Fridays. I hope you'll follow along with this series. Ironically, it might seem that beginning another blog is not simplifying my life! Hah! More about that later!

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