Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Be happy in the moment, that is enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. Mother Teresa

So we had our Hob Nobber Labor Day sale over the weekend and despite the rain and heat and crazy high humidity we had an amazing weekend! It was so hot!!  The Plummer House is not air conditioned  and with many hot bodies crowded together, it seemed like a sauna. But that didn't stop shoppers from all over wanting to shop our sale and we are so grateful they did!

We had people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia, just to name a few different states.  And that's just those who told us where they were from. A couple from Indiana said they plan their vacations around our Hob Nobber sales!  Wow! Thank you! That's amazing to us! And a shout out to the lady who said she wants to be on our mailing list until she goes to heaven. That made me smile also!

We also had people stop in who were just walking the grounds of the Plummer House  not knowing they could get in the house for free. Usually there is a fee to get in and see the house, a 1917 historical mansion. Of course, my husband told them they could get IN for free but they would have to buy something to get OUT! Hah! Always the jokester. 

 Many of the people had relatives in the hospital here and it was a chance for them to get out of the hospital setting and do something different. Here in  Rochester, home of the world famous Mayo Clinic, and now known as "Destination Medical Center", we know that we have "guests" here from all over the world going to the clinic and hospitals so most local  people usually try to be a compassionate and listening ear to those who are going through difficult medical problems either themselves or with a family member. So we are more than OK if they just come in to look around but most often everyone buys something when they see our unique treasures and great prices.

 There are three of us who call ourselves Hob Nobbers (Karen, Renee, and I), but our children and grandchildren also get involved bringing their own treasures to sell and helping out. I took this photo of all our workers before we opened the door.

And below are three of the younger grandchildren helping with the free Starbucks coffee that we offer. But we also had ice water because of the heat and Scandinavian  butter cookies.

And below is Catherine ( and baby ) , the winner of our Give-Away who was presented with a Gift Certificate to shop and was allowed to come early and begin shopping before the crowd was let in. Our crowd this year began lining up 1 1/2 hours before the doors opened. They always appear to be having a good time, joking and entertaining each other while waiting  and my husband usually goes out and  "works the crowd". Some say he should run for Mayor because he loves to chat with ANYONE and everyone already knows him. But his "political correctness" button is broken so I doubt that it would ever work.

 Thanks to all of you who came and joined us, braving the heat and humidity! We hope to see you all again in May over Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Wow - I'd love to be there when this is going on.

    1. And we'd love to have you, Kim! Thanks for stopping by!


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