Thursday, September 10, 2015


A lake is the landscapes most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye, looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.                   Henry David Thoreau

We Minnesotans love our lakes! All 10,000+ of them! We live 30 minutes away from Lake Pepin, a lake through which the great Mississippi River runs. Growing up we had a cabin on the lake and enjoyed a lot of family fun while enjoying the lake. So last year we made a decision to buy a boat... to keep making family memories.  We have grandchildren ages 3 to 18 and boating is something that kids of all ages and all generations can enjoy together.

 One of the fun aspects of this particular lake is that because it is on the Mississippi River which runs from the Northern- most part of Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico is that you see many interesting kinds of watercraft that you might not find on a lake not connected to a big waterway such as the Mississippi. Large barges pushed by tugboats are a daily sight on the River as they move cargo up and down the great waterway.

You might also see big paddleboats such as this one cruising down the River, a sight we saw just last week while boating.

In the harbor where we keep our boat there is an old restored Tugboat. We've seen others like this one also cruising the lake.

And on a beautiful summer day you'll see boats of all shapes and sizes pulled up to one of the many beaches along the shore or anchored together out from the beach. We boated to this beach and swam when I was young and now we're back with our grandkids having a blast! We have now had 5 generations enjoying this lake!

This big boat pulled in alongside us on a beach this summer filled with guys having a bachelor party.

Another thing we saw flying over  the lake this summer was a boat-plane. Um, I'm not sure what they are called...

But amazing watercraft are not the ONLY things you see on the lake. Lake Pepin has amazing bluff views that are breath-taking! If you look over the heads of our family boaters here, you will see beautiful bluffs all around.

My husband really got into the "boating thing" when he bought this Captain's hat at the insistence of our grandson, Charlie. 

                                  And of course you need something to pull behind the boat...

We've made a lot of memories on this lake and hope to make many more. But summer has gone by too fast. About this time I'm usually ready for Fall but now that we have a boat I want more time on the water. I'm having a hard time letting go of summer right now...

So all of this is just to say..."You won't be seeing Mums or Fall decor on THIS blog until the boat comes out of the water!" 

Summer....Please don't go!!!


  1. I'm with you!! It has still been in the 90s here in Texas although the mornings are really starting to be cooler. I have put out two or three tiny pumpkins I found at the grocery store.

    1. Well, I would LOVE having 90's temps in Sept here but it's just not going to happen! So I'm a bit envious of that... : )


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