Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Just call me "Indecisive"! Yup, I'm changing my mind again about whether to have more than one blog or not. You see, while I am passionate about collecting vintage treasures and decorating with them, I also love writing about the ideas rolling around in my head about simplifying life, creating balance in  life, organizing, planning, etc. And I've gone around and around about whether I should put it all out there on one blog or more than one blog. I've started different blogs over the years and then always came back to this one. Because this is where it started and this is where ya'all are! And it really seemed like too much work to be writing two blogs, to be honest.

But I bit the bullet and did it! I started another blog so I can keep Hob Nobbers just for sharing my vintage finds and decor. I have one more little "workshop" post to finish here though on "simplifying your life". So watch for that! And I'll keep adding tidbits about living in the historical Plummer House and our adventures here!

Cute blue suitcase! I'm sure you'll snatch this one up, Renee!

 I'll continue to post my latest  finds, news about upcoming sales, and our own Hob Nobber decor ideas on this blog.  And I'll share finds for "Gwen and Alma's", my soon-to-be-opening Etsy store here also!

And the ideas that keep my mind busy I'll share on my other blog!

I  like things orderly and it just seems to work better if I have one vision for one blog and a different vision for the other.
By the way, this bell ( above ) has the neatest tone to it! And it was made in Sweden!

So I've just published the first post on my new blog. It's a "WELCOME" and tells about what to expect in the coming days on that blog.

                                    And isn't this the sweetest little tray you've ever seen?

                                                        And an industrial stool for me!

Since my husband, Les, has been taking on more responsibility with Hob Nobbers and helping with the online shop, I'm able to take on this new blog. So thanks, Les!

The boat is now out of the water. Makes me sad...

   OK, did you wonder if I was ever going to let you know the name of the NEW BLOG? Here it is...

                                                        The Balanced Life

And I would love it if you would go there now and see what's going to be happening! You can find it here 
And please send your friends!
And it would be even better if you would sign up to receive new posts! I hope you will join me on this journey of finding balance in life and other exciting but very practical ideas for living!
 It will be a lifestyle blog and more!

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