Saturday, November 14, 2015


It has been a long time coming but I'll be ready to open my new Etsy store next Wednesday, November 18th. The name of my store is  named after my two grandmothers...

                                                           Gwen And Alma's


While Hob Nobbers is a group effort of Karen, Renee,  and I, along with our families, my Etsy store is a business that I am doing on my own. Our Hob Nobber occasional sales will continue over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, though so don't worry! My new Etsy store will just allow you to shop year round!

Gwen and Alma both have Scandinavian backgrounds and grew up on farms so I will be featuring rustic farmhouse wares, vintage Scandinavian treasures, as well as other vintage items.

Check out my Gwen And Alma's page to see what will be for sale next week. Pictured below are some things that will be posted for sale at a later date. You can contact me if you are local and would like to purchase an item.

Vintage Tray

Rustic Primitive Scoop
Several Vintage Christmas Tablecloths. Everyone needs at least one!

                                 AND LOTS MORE...JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!

                    Also check out my Craigslist site where I have the following for sale:

Difficult to find vintage dress form. If you use this for decor, you can pull off the knitted outer lining and it has a lovely patina and rustic look underneath. Great also for display of vintage dress wear and jewelry.

           And because both Grandmas had cottages on lakes I'm listing beach chairs! Find them also on my Craigslist listing...( Rochester, Mn, Antiques )

Perfect vintage beach chairs,  the original canvas is still in good condition but can always be easily replaced later. These would look sweet in front of any lake home or cabin or even in your own backyard. Great gift idea for anyone who loves vintage also!

     REMINDER:   Be sure and check out my Gwen and Alma's page above just under the header! These will be for sale next week!

Our admiration of the antique is not  admiration of the old, but of the natural.  Ralph Waldo Emerson


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