Friday, November 13, 2015


Recently I went to an auction out of town. I bid on and won a "lot" of miscellaneous pieces of pottery. There were actually a lot of people at the auction but this photo was taken early before the auction began. My husband and I enjoy auctions though they DO take up a lot of time. You have to sit through the bidding of a lot of things you don't want until they get to the things that you do want. Sometimes we have spent a whole day at auctions. The auctioneers at most places we've been to are entertaining and fun! Not the "all-serious" auctions you might see on TV. ; )  

One of the pieces we "won" was this wonderful mustard-yellow Frankoma Cornucopia. Auctions speak in terms of "winning"something  instead of "buying"something. Guess it makes you feel like you actually won something. The idea behind it is that you have "won" the bid!

 Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I decided to offer this for sale now ( for local pick-up only unless you really twist my arm to mail this to you ) so someone could enjoy it for Thanksgiving. Only available on Hob Nobbers right here, right now! This would look amazing filled with mini pumpkins or other Fall decor. It is in great condition with no chips or cracks.

                             Leave a comment if you are interested. I am selling this for $10. 


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