Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Vintage tablecloths are getting more difficult to find. And vintage Christmas tablecloths harder yet! But Hob Nobber, Karen,  our "linen lady"  always seems to find them and sells a lot of them at our vintage occasional sales. She spends hours getting out the stains and ironing them until they are without a wrinkle! Then she "names" the tablecloths, hangs them on wooden vintage hangers, and spells out their name with Scrabble tiles on the hanger!

We have a couple of dealers who come in and buy the tablecloths by the armful. One of these times Karen mentioned to the dealer that the tablecloths were getting harder to find. The dealer, with her arms full of tablecloths said, "Well not for me!" Hah!

Well, recently I've been finding them myself! And I get all excited  when I find them because, well, like I said, they are getting harder to find! It's the thrill of the hunt but actually finding them is even more thrilling! Like finding treasure! So I was going to save them for our next occasional sale but that's in the Spring and it didn't seem fitting to be selling Christmas items in the Spring! Soooo, I decided to put them for sale on Craigslist! Yeah, I'm bypassing my Etsy store for now!

By the way, I sold my first item at my Etsy store the second day my store opened! Yaaaayyyy! So exciting!

I have 7 vintage Christmas tablecloths now for sale! So if you're looking for one, check it out at Rochester, Mn/antiques/Dec.2. They make great gifts for that vintage lover on your Christmas list. I am selling them for $20 to $32. They are in a range of sizes. You can  leave a comment if you are interested or have questions.

Here are a few photos of them:


  1. Dear Sandy:
    Those are very fun and I too have a couple of them. I would love to have you come link at my blog party!

  2. Gosh, I used to have the top one. Have moved 3 times since I last saw it, can't remember where it went (or where it came from). Love tablecloths, when they come out (put them on the tables the last week of advent) it really does feel like Christmas. Pam xx


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