Thursday, January 14, 2016


In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.  Abraham Lincoln

 Why do I like vintage, antique, rustic....old stuff?  Why can't I just buy my furniture at Pottery Barn or wherever else nice new furniture is sold? What's so great about "old stuff"?

 I have a confession to make.  I'm becoming a bit snobbish about wanting to only buy old ( antique and vintage ) furniture. New furniture?  Meh.

 I wasn't always this way. Years ago I even got rid of  sold tons of my antiques  at a garage sale for "pennies". I had an antique wooden wagon I used as a coffee table, an antique buckboard seat in the entryway, old pottery that now sells for a lot more than I sold it for, and many more antiques that I practically GAVE AWAY at a garage sale!  I was happy to be rid of the old stuff so I could buy some NICE NEW furniture... down at the furniture store! I admit I didn't realize the real value in those pieces at the time...

I DID keep one thing...this Dundee marmalade jar.

I'm not sure why I kept it because I was selling everything else that was old.  I used it as a pencil holder until my husband found it and put his spare change in it. One day, I saw one for sale on eBay... For $25!... Without the lid! WHAT?! I mean, it's just an old jar!

By this time though I was realizing the value in vintage and antique treasures and kicking myself for selling off all my old stuff. "At least I saved the Dundee jar!", I thought to myself. "It looks brand new and I have a LID!" I looked around for the treasure that my husband was now using for pocket change, rescued the jar, and put it in my kitchen...for safe keeping!

So now to begin adding to my "old stuff" collection I was on the hunt for  a "new style" in "old furniture". And I found my style in loving the Farmhouse look. Should have kept that wooden wagon and buckboard seat!  I couldn't bring myself to sell the expensive "new" sofa and chairs that I had. Yet!  But I began replacing the coffee table and end tables, accessories, lamps, etc. Now I can't bring myself to even buying reproductions. That's where the "snob" part comes in. Yeah, I want the real stuff! Some day my kids might not be happy with me when they have to have an Estate Sale for all my so called, "treasures". But I'm having fun!

So what's so great about all this old stuff? Here are 7 reasons for buying vintage and antique furniture. I realize I'm probably preaching to the choir here but... Here they are:


1) The older furniture is better made than today's mostly particle board furniture.

2) It is fun to buy something that has some history behind it. The old furniture can tell a story.

3) If you hunt for them, you can purchase really nice pieces far less expensive than new furniture. And if you find a really good deal, the piece may increase in value.

4) It's recycling and helping the environment.

5) It is rescuing a previous owners treasure that will continue to be cared for.

6) Many of the older styles have more character than today's assembly line pieces. Many of the older pieces are handmade, and often  unique and one of a kind. Your decor won't look like all the others in the neighborhood. it will be uniquely you!

7) You will have more fun hunting for that special treasure that will be perfect for the space in your home. The fun is in the hunt.

So these are some of the reasons why I buy antique and vintage furniture! Why not see what interesting pieces you could find and bring into your home to make it more unique? And remember...the fun is in the hunt!  


  1. Oh you shared some great pieces here. I am painting my wood furniture more now - well, my hubby is!


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