Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

While I enjoy our Hob Nobber sales, I also like the idea of sitting at home and having people calling or e-mailing to say they want to buy something I have. Hah! I'm talking about my Etsy store and Craigslist. 
As I had mentioned previously, I started an Etsy shop, Gwen and Alma's. I only listed a few things to start in order to get the hang of it. I've sold some things and now am ready to add some more to the shop. I also listed a couple of bigger items on Craigslist. Things that I wouldn't want to try to pack up and mail. So yesterday, while sitting home with the flu, I got a response for an item in my Etsy shop...

This neato Big Ben Clock...

Mark from Washington bought it! And that's another fun thing about it. I get buyers from all over the U.S. ! I haven't started selling internationally yet. Gotta get used to it before I move on to bigger things.I have more clocks like this that will be for sale at our next event.

And then another young man came and picked up a 1950's Bobster sled with steering wheel and brakes that I had listed on Craigslist. He drove 3 hours to get here! "I restore them. These are hard to find, rather rare", he shared. He was excited to get it! And I was excited FOR him! And ME! My husband took care of the transaction since I was sick with the flu.

Here "she" is before the snow arrived. When I put the ad in Craigslist we had no snow so I said in the ad, "Just add snow". I thought about letting my grandkids ride it after our first big snowfall but then it looked kind of dangerous.  Except for the wood seat that you ride on, everything else is steel. I imagined the kids hitting their heads on the steering wheel! The brakes have sharp "teeth" to stop the sled. What were they thinking in making this thing? But then again, in the 1950's we had no seat belts and no air bags. Heck, I remember as a young child standing in the front seat between my parents. How did we ever make it through those years? 

                                       Who remembers traveling in the back of a station wagon?

While nothing beats our big Hob Nobber sales at the Plummer House, it has been fun selling a few things in the winter while I sit at home. Oh my goodness! I just sold something else in my Etsy shop! Gotta go pack it up!

I finally put  a few of my Etsy items on the sidebar for you to see. Check them out!


  1. I always enjoy your fun treasures. You are always invited to link your post to my BTTCG Blog Party which isn't just about tea.

  2. I'm happy for you and it's great for all of us treasure hunters, too! Happy New year sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  3. I do hope you feel much better now, and the flu is long gone. We all got stomach flu, first one fell ill 27th December and then one after the other all week. Glad we got through Christmas celebrations before it began at least :). I grew up in the 79's but never had seatbelts until the mid 80's. Remember my sister and I crawling all over the place in my father's green Wolkswagen while he drove, sitting in the back was fun :). Remember our childrens doctor in the 70's used to smoke a pipe while seeing patients. Times change, in such cases, definately for the better. Good luck with all your sales, you have the loveliest items. Wish I was closer. Pam in Norway xx

  4. Wish you a speedy recovery...
    Good post...


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