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Needing some Beach Therapy? Then I have a deal for you! After 40 years of owning this beach front timeshare condo at Panama City Beach, Florida, we've decided to sell. Our family has outgrown it and we are needing bigger spaces. It is a one bedroom condo but sleeps 4 ( pullout sofa ).

Our situation in this condo  is a bit different than most, because we were "deeded" a portion of the property ( I can explain about that later ) as opposed to just owning "time" or "points".  You can stay here every Spring ( our designated week ) or exchange through an exchange program and go anywhere in the world.

We have exchanged a few times and have always had wonderful places to stay. Our daughter and son-in-law used it ( after we exchanged it ) one year in a gorgeous rental in Cabo, Mexico. You could even exchange for a condo in Europe! But we prefer this beach and always need 4-5 bedrooms because our kids and grandkids come along. Therefore, we've decided to sell to simplify our lives. I'm currently writing an e-book about how to simplify your life and I need to practice what I preach.

                                                     The beach has pure white sand...

                                      This is the pool and sun deck and picnic area. When we purchased this we were a young family and loved that we could vacation inexpensively in an amazing beachfront condo. We cooked our meals in the fully equipped kitchen for the most part but also enjoyed 4 star dining at Captain Andersons at the Marina where they serve fish caught that day. If you get there early you can watch the boats come in with the fish they caught!

You can have a fabulous time without spending any more money than the condo by enjoying collecting shells, swimming in the pool, playing in the ocean waves, going for walks on the beach, building sand castles, crabbing, and more!! My grandson and I also collect drift wood on the beach and there are tons of creative things to do with them as shown on Pinterest.

Pier Park, a unique shopping community is nearby. We liked going there for exceptional ice cream cones and homemade fudge! Yum!  And all the wonderful shopping, of course.

                      If you're ready to spend a little bit of money...There is parasailing, banana boat rides, and jet ski rentals right on the beach.

There is also a Pirate Ship ride that we've taken, and our grandson especially loved it but it was fun for everyone! The scenery was beautiful as the big ship took you out into the Bay area and we were able to see many dolphins swimming close to the boat.

Charlie with his pirate hat, gun, and "pirate booty" that was pulled from the ocean. 

Charlie and his Dad before boarding the pirate ship behind them.

One of the pirates pulling a treasure chest from the ocean. Each kid got to dig into the treasure and pull out some gold and silver coins ( the pirates booty ).    

My husband even got in on the fun and got in line to be tatooed. Charlie picked the spot for the tatoo!

 Another favorite free "activity" was watching the beautiful sun set over the ocean.

Bri riding the surf into shore on a boogy board
Did I mention the go-carts? Not my cup of tea but the grandkids love it! Here are two of the granddaughters waiting to take off!

We all just parked our stuff at the beach and "camped" there all day.

               And guess what? There are even antique shops! Below is a cute beachy armoire I found! No space in the car to take it home, though. ; (  I even found this great antique buoy for only $5 at a garage sale one year! Yeah, I couldn't help myself! Had to go garage sale-ing one morning.

And I can't forget  minnie golf! Always a fun family tradition!
Just part of our gang enjoying the beach and ocean!

Yeah, we have had years of family fun every spring here for 5 generations starting when I was in junior high school and we went with our grandparents and 7 carloads of us driving together! We were a real convoy! This was before cell phones and we used CB's to communicate... 10-4! I got your back door! ( I"m behind you ) Smoky ( police ) spotted up ahead!  Hahah...We had fun using the old trucker lingo! I kinda miss that now!

In those years there were no timeshares so we rented hotels. We purchased our timeshare when we  went down with our family of four. And we'll keep going back...but we need a bigger condo!

Our condo that we're selling would be best for a family of 4 or less. It's a small, family centered resort. The only cost per year is about $600 in maintenance fees ( tax deductable ). That could be your only expense if you cooked your meals in. Just use your family meal budget for that and voila' no extra expense there! This cost savings allowed us to vacation inexpensively when we just started out! As many other families did, we even drove straight through the night to get there for Spring Break each year. And yet we vacationed beachfront ( our condo faces the ocean ) right on one of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.!  We never thought back in those days that we could afford to take a vacation on this beach but we found a way to make it happen!

If you or someone you know would like to own this deeded beachfront condo, leave us a comment! Since we have already paid the maintenance fees for 2016 you won't need to pay for that until Feb. 2017! Make your beachfront vacation condo a reality for an exceptional price and be on your way to Panama City Beach, Florida this Spring!

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