Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I found a couple of interesting treasures recently. These both happen to be vintage items from Germany.

The first treasure, an antique primitive German wood blanket trough ( whew! that was a mouthful! ), came from a "collector couple" in the Cities who were downsizing. They purchased this trough many years ago at an antique store and used it at the end of their bed to hold blankets. As far as they knew, that is what it was built for. It sits on an antique iron stand and is 45 inches long. Wouldn't you love to have this to hold blankets in? Or you might think of other uses for it! If you're into primitives this is a very cool piece!

The other treasure is an antique German telescopic camera tripod. The initials  D. R. G. M. are on it. It has extendable brass legs. This would be nice repurposed as a base for a lamp or use as its intended purpose.

                Both of these items will be for sale at our Spring Sale over Memorial weekend!

I've also listed some new items in my Etsy shop so check that out here. Here are a few items in my shop, Gwen And Alma's...
                                                                  RUSTIC TREASURES
Covered rustic silver dish ( soap dish would be a fun use ) and a rustic bell with leather strap

                                                              VINTAGE TREASURES
Vintage lantern shaped candy container, decorative darning egg.
These items you can purchase now. If you are local, and want anything in my Etsy store, you can contact me and save the shipping by picking it up. But contact me before buying on Etsy because they will automatically add shipping.

                 Getting excited already to share with you at our Spring Sale all of my interesting finds!


  1. Love all your finds, full of history. Love things that have lived a life, somehow connects us with the past and helps ground us I feel. I have a large trough, a family heirloom from an old farm. It is flatter at the bottom than yours, has no stand and was used for baking in days gone by. It is called a bakstetrau. I have a smaller one too which holds our knitted hats and gloves now. I love the darning egg, an item I use a lot myself. Yours would look lovely as a decoration, too pretty to use. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  2. You always find the best deals. I'm off to look at your shop to see what's new! Hugs, Diane


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