Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Antiques...My Grandma bought it, Mom threw it out, I bought it back. Unknown

Does the quote above sound like your situation?  The truth in my family is that all three of us have "thrown out" antiques in our lives. Apparently we liked the "new". But we did manage to keep some things passed down through the generations. 

                  This big green Red Wing stoneware bowl of my Grandma's is one of my favorites. I use it a lot!

                And this paisley luncheon/dessert set is another hand-me-down from my grandmother.

                    I have some antique Christmas ornaments of  hers... this snowman is one...

                           And a couple of teapot sets that were my Grandmothers...

My Grandma collected many cups and saucers over the years so I was the happy recipient of some of those...

And I also have her Seth Thomas clock that bongs every 15 minutes, though I haven't taken a photo of it.

And now I have gained an even greater  appreciation for antiques and vintage treasures. And I have been able to pass that appreciation on to my daughter, daughter-in-law and even granddaughters! So it has been fun having this shared interest over the last several years.

 By the time my grandchildren get one of my treasured items, it will have been passed down through 5 generations. Some of you may have items passed down through even more generations!

I realize we can't keep everything and I'm even writing an e-book about "simplifying your life" so it's often a challenge to know what to save and what to let go of.  But while we can't keep everything, we can keep a few items that we love and that are beautiful and/or useful. It is nice to have that connection passed down through the generations.

And now I'm becoming the owner of another generational treasure. One of my cousins on my Dad's side of the family has a desk that belonged to my paternal Grandmother. She is giving it to me and wants it to stay in the family. I'll share a photo of it in another post after it has moved in and found it's new home.

It's nice to keep a few treasures that have been passed down through the generations. And this is possible even when attempting to simplify and downsize your lifestyle. I'll be showing how in my new e-book when it comes out.  

Do you have some family treasures that have been passed down to you? If not, start now to save even one small thing to pass on to the next generation. I know some of the younger generation are not into antiques. Many have their own style and some are minimalists, not wanting to have any clutter. 

We have a friend  who has two married sons and their wives do not want any of the antiques that she has saved over the years.  She donates her antiques to our sale and we give the proceeds to a needy organization. She tells us a bit of history about some of them but I'm sure she would rather tell the stories and give them to family members.

If you have turned down family items from the past, why not rethink this and begin to save just a few items that can be handed down. Even if it's just one item for each of your children and/or grandchildren. 

Me? I already told my adult children that while I might downsize some things, they're going to have to have a huge estate sale for my treasures. But they better keep one or two things to pass on to the grandkids. Or maybe I'll just bypass them and begin giving the grandkids stuff now! 

But there's another tactic to try. Begin to help your adult children and even grandchildren learn to appreciate the "old". At first my adult children were not into antiques but over the years they have gained an interest in this "hobby" of mine. So much so that, they go through the stuff I'm saving to sell and wanting to take things home. Hah! So I don't think they are going to be upset about me leaving vintage and antique treasures for them to keep!  

And then they are seeing that I'm actually making some money in my hobby of collecting and selling!  That kind of peaked their interest! My daughter-in-law has even started collecting things to sell in our sales! So it has really become a family affair! 

There are many reasons to pass this interest in antique and vintage finds onto the next generations!  And I see the value in sharing this interest with them. How about you? Are your family members sharing this interest in antique and vintage finds? 

If you are one who comes to our sales, bring the next generation along and tell them the stories you have of the items you see!  It's nice to have that connection and to share those stories!


  1. Sadly my grown-up daughter hates anything old and doesn't want to inherit anything. She has been like that since she was little. My three boys however are totally different and love the old and tve stories I have to tell. One beloved treasure I have is my father's two old toys: the rabbit tinkle-tail and big old bear. My father was born in the 1920's. I have my dear gran's sewing box and a few more things. My husband also has some items. The story each item has to tell helps connect us to our family history. Pam in Norway xx

  2. I felt an instant connection with you when you mentioned your Seth Thomas clock. My mother inherited one from her mother and it will eventually come to me. It's funny how certain things and sounds can instantly bring you home. I remember my parents moving into their new home in Montana and I was on the phone with my mother. I heard the clock chiming in the background and started crying and told mom "you're finally home". She knew exactly what I meant. :)

  3. I have lots of things that belonged to my grandparents and I treasure them all. My daughter shares my love of heirlooms. My son has no interest.


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