Monday, February 29, 2016


                                                      Happy Leap Year Day!  And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother-in-law, Larry, who is only around 15 years old now due to the fact that he only has a birthday about every 4 years!
"Watt, Big Ben, Florida" is the answer...
And the question is: What are three of my most recent finds?

I've been excited to find some great new items to list in my new  Etsy  shoppe, Gwen And Alma's, and also for our Spring Hob Nobber occasional sale! 

                                      I found this small Watt ovenware bowl along with two others. They are all three in perfect shape! They look like they've hardly been used. But they are all old! This small one went into my Etsy store and the other two I'll save for our occasional sale in the Spring. I don't like to ship big items! The second one is a spaghetti bowl and the other is a larger bowl which could be used for spaghetti sauce. Perfect! I'll sell them together!

I had three  of these Big Ben alarm clocks. They're dated 1929 on the back. They all seem to be working and the alarm even still works! In fact after I got the first one shipped and ready to mail the alarm went off and I had to unwrap it and start over. Can you imagine it going off in the post office? Yikes! Did I already tell you this in another post? Oh my! My mind is gooooiiinnnngggg!!!

Oh well...
                  the clocks have the perfect rustic look for that vintage flavor!

                                       And I also found this vintage Florida tablecloth. it is in near perfect condition with bright colors!

I have lots more but I've been down with the flu so I'm slowing down a bit...I guess there is a lot of flu going around here! I usually never get sick but this time the bug hit me!

 If you're interested in seeing more of my "finds" check back several posts as I've been posting some all along!

I'll be joining    ...  BTTCG Blog Party 

Be sure and caucus tomorrow if there is one in your town!


  1. I sure hope you feel lots better soon. It's been a hard winter for the flu and for bad colds. I love the tablecloth of course! Wish I could find one. I did find 2 Christmas tablecloths lately that were a good deal. I always think I could cut one up to make tote bags and things...but then I can never bear to cut one! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Diane

  2. Dear Sandy:
    Looks like some great items and those vintage clocks are always fun - especially for a Happy New Year's vignette! So glad you linked and shared!

  3. LOVE that Florida tablecloth. What a find!


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