Saturday, February 27, 2016


                                 "A chair full of bowlies", As Mary Englebreit would say...

I'm in love with stoneware bowls. So I was beyond excited to find these BIG BOWLS and little bowls at a recent antique auction. But we'll have even MORE than these! Look for them at our Spring Hob Nobber sale:

So what can you do with the very large bowls? I use them for mixing ingredients for large recipes, as centerpieces on the table holding fruit, pinecones, dried flowers,  ornaments and anything seasonal. Or you can just sit them anywhere for decor... start a collection!

Here are some ideas from Pinterest:

There are LOTS more ideas on Pinterest so check them out! If you have another  great idea I'd love to hear about it!

Check out my NEW SHOPPE listed on the navigational bar!     Sandy's Vintage Shoppe   It's a cute little shop! Well, I think so anyway! I'm the new proprietess! I started out with books and now have a few more items listed for sale! And yes, you can really purchase from there!

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