Tuesday, March 8, 2016


                    Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.   Epicurus

 I love to wrap gifts in different and creative ways and make them myself. Here's what I've done to wrap a simple gift for a friend. I have a stash of vintage music books and vintage magazines. I used the vintage music paper in which to wrap the gift. I then cut out the image of a lady from the magazine , took a little flower from my little collection of miniatures, and tied it all with a ribbon. Simple AND "vintage-y" (I think I just made up this word)!

I've used other items to wrap as well! It works best with people who appreciate vintage, of course. I've wrapped with lace and linens...

And even though it's not Christmas...Here's what I've done....

One year at Christmas when it was also a family reunion, I gave all the women an extra gift of soap wrapped in a Christmas vintage hankie. The only problem with that was I don't think some of my family members really appreciated the value of a Christmas hankie and they probably got thrown in the trash with all the rest of the wrapping paper. Not that they were  expensive! It's just that it took me a year to collect that many Christmas hankies! Needless to say, I now only give gifts in wrapped hankies to those who might appreciate them. Hah!

Every Christmas my daughter and I have kind of a theme for our wrapping paper. One year my daughter used newspaper which might sound kind of tacky but they were really actually pretty cute. She used red or green twine for ribbon. My husbands present was wrapped with the Sports page. All the kids' were wrapped in cartoons. Mine was wrapped in the lifestyle/decor section. Each person's gift was wrapped with their area of interest. It was fun seeing what section she used for each person. It was very clever.

I like my Christmas gifts wrapped simply and similar. This year I used  dollar store kraft paper along with decorated kraft paper, red twine, and tags downloaded from the internet.

When my kids were small and we were trying to save money. I cut up brown paper grocery bags for wrapping. Then I took come potatoes, cut them in half and carved out of the open end, a star, a tree, and a candy cane. I gave the kids some paint to dip the carved ends in and decorate the paper. Now my daughter has done this with her daughter. It's a fun way to get the kids involved, get creative, and save money at the some time.

Now I go to Pinterest for more creative ideas. For more ideas check out my Pinterest Board: Wrapping.
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  1. What a darling display of creative wrappings! I loved them all and so glad you shared these wonderful ideas and suggestions. Thanks for linking!

  2. Gorgeous gift wrapping! All are so unique and pretty. I always consider the wrapping of the gift as important as the gift inside. Just visiting your lovely blog from the bottom of the world.

  3. I adore these creative gift wrapping ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am also going to host a thanksgiving party for my closed ones and these ideas would be great to wrap the gifts. Thanks for sharing. I am yet undecided about party venues in Los Angeles and then will pay attention to other things.


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