Thursday, April 21, 2016


We arrived home last Monday from three weeks vacation in Marco island, Florida! Of course, while on the way down and while in Florida, I had to check out some antique shops and Craigslist," just in case there was something too good to pass up". And I managed to find some things that actually fit in the van after getting all our luggage, Grandkids'  boogy boards, Grandkids' shell collections, Grandkids' extra sleeping bags, air mattresses and other various items of the Grandkids' that somehow fit into their luggage in the airplane on the way down, but there was no room for them on the way home. Still can't figure out how that happened.

And yet we managed with some creative organizing to get it all in along with a 6' rolling ladder, two vintage chairs, and some other little items I snagged along the way.

This is my favorite! A vintage rolling ladder with sturdy steps on both sides. Mostly used in libraries back in the day. It can collapse and actually rolls on the wheels while folded up! It's in great condition and the wood is beautiful! This will go into our Hob Nobber sale this Spring!

Next up is this vintage American Roundabout or Corner Chair that I purchased at an Estate sale company.  I'm thinking of putting this in my Gwen And Alma's Etsy store after we check out a furniture pack and ship company. I haven't tried to sell anything big on Etsy yet so this might be the first piece.

                   I also purchased this other little chair that needs a refinishing or paint job.

And this little collapsible stool that I would probably use sitting on a table with a plant on it or something. I'm going to put this in my Etsy store.

Also this metal tool box which would be great for storing craft items or other little items that need a "home". Also an Etsy store find.

                                                        A vintage bread paddle...Not sure where I will sell this one yet.

And a stoneware bowl which I would love to keep but I already have two just like this one! This will go into my Etsy store also!

                                               So what is YOUR favorite thing here?

 I bought a few more little things but they are still packed up. And of course lots lots more will be at our BIG SPRING SALE!!

Next week I'll be announcing the Give-Away!! So keep watching for it!

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  1. That ladder and the bowl are my favorites. I'm a former librarian so I am always drawn to all things library. ;)


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