Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yes, Spring BREATHS NEW LIFE! I can see the beautiful Spring buds in bloom, the grass turning green, I smell the fresh Spring air, and I can see a new "spring" in the steps of people out walking! If you live up North where you've experienced the winter's snow and cold, Spring feels even sweeter!

We just returned from three weeks in Marco Island, Florida! The weather was beautiful (80 degrees plus)  the whole time and no rain! We cheered when we saw that the weather back home was cold with more snow! Apologies to those left back in the cold. But that vacation was rejuvenating! And then to come home to Spring ( as opposed to more snow ) was an added treat!

Marco Island, Florida

I took a "vacation" from blogging and staying in touch on the internet as well. Sometimes you just have to unplug to enjoy "the moment". I had to focus on the ocean, the beach and fun family memories. I admit to reading on the ipad and computer however. In fact, it was comical how we all had reading material on our devices so as to save space while traveling. I used to have a big bag of books and magazines I carted along on vacation. But now I have it all on the computer. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. But our main focus was enjoying the beach and ocean together and making many fun family memories. We took no devices on the beach however! But there were many people who were texting, talking on cell phones ( actually doing business ), and missing the whole beach experience!

And of course, I took a couple of side trips to buy a few great items to sell at our Hob Nobber Spring sale coming up over the Memorial Day weekend! I'll share those photos later. But one great find was a very big beautiful wood library ladder with wheels. Yup, we made room for it in the van! It is SO cool! if it doesn't sell at our Hob Nobber sale it will go into Gwen And Alma's, my Etsy store. Then those of you who can't come to our sale can get a shot at buying it! You can check out my Etsy store.here 
 "Like" a treasure or two while you're there! ; )

This summer I am having a Gwen And Alma's GiveAway so keep watching for that! And next week I will be posting a Give Away for Hob Nobbers!! Stay tuned! Although the Hob Nobber Give-Away will be a gift certificate for our sale so you must be coming to enter!

Speaking of Gwen And Alma's... I sold five treasures while I was on vacation! I couldn't believe it! I had a message that stated when we would be on vacation and that I wouldn't  be able to ship until we got back but they could still purchase. Everyone who purchased was so kind and sent a note saying to enjoy my vacation! I LOVE Etsy customers!

I need to list many more items so people have more to choose from, but my Etsy experience has been wonderful! Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to give it a try as I was a bit reluctant to do so. Well, I'm off to ship 5 treasures to some lucky customers! They have been waiting patiently!

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