Saturday, June 11, 2016


Our Hob Nobber Spring sale came and went just as fast! We had a blast! Though it was a lot of work we have allowed ourselves to pay others to do things that will help us keep on doing what we love. We have hired two guys to help move us in and then help move us out! That has saved our backs from a lot of wear and tear and possibly joint replacements in the future!

Next I'll probably hire someone to set up and decorate. While this is the fun part for me it is getting to be a LOT to get done in one day!

We only have ONE day in which to set up 7 rooms packed full of treasures. Our children and grandchildren help but it is still a lot!
Not sure why these photos are so fuzzy but after the first shot my camera ran out of "juice" ( gotta check that ahead of time ) and my granddaughter took over. She e-mailed the photos from her camera-phone to me, I downloaded them and then added them here. Something in that process did not work so well...

                                      Anyway, we had a LOT of stuff and sold a LOT!

The rack above is an old vintage shoe rack that is mine but not for sale. But many people TRIED to buy it from me!

                                                    Lots of gorgeous  transferware!!!

                                            We had the winner of our Give-Away arrive early and with her gift certificate in hand was able to shop early before the RUSH of people got in!

                                      The winners turned out to be neighbors of ours!!! I was happy for them!

                                         Stories to tell later of sales  happenings...

                               And we're already gearing up and buying for the next sale!

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  1. One of these times I will make it to your sale! It looks like fun with many great treasures.


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