Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We often have some quirky things happen at our Hob Nobber sales. I think it's because we're a bit quirky ourselves...

So a guy at our sale comes up to me and says, "There's a chicken coop in someone's driveway  in the neighborhood with a FREE sign on it! I thought you might be interested in it." My first thought was that this was not the kind of neighborhood that usually had chicken coops but then again they are becoming popular everywhere! I told him to talk to Renee about it as she lives in the country, on a farm ( now a non working one ) and it's kind of up her alley.

Renee was all over it! So the guy says, "If you want, I'll take you up there so you can see it." Renee said, "Let's GO!" Now Renee is just getting over  knee replacement surgery and is still hobbling around on a cane. And  no one even KNOWS this guy. But hey, Renee thought, It's a FREE chicken coop! So she hops in his car and off they go!

After a while, when they're not back, we begin to wonder... Should we have just let her go off with some stranger? Was there really a FREE chicken coop in the neighborhood? Why was it taking so long to see this thing?

I was just texting her the message, "R U OK?" when the car appears at the front door and we see Renee and this guy hauling out a giant chicken coop which had been hanging out the back of his car! Whew! She's OK! And this guy DID look pretty he SEEMED like a nice guy...but you never know!

This was a wonderful chicken coop that was built to look like a red barn. So cute! One end had wheels so you could move it around. It was in perfect condition!

A customer offered to buy it but Renee  wanted to keep it. Then one of our group wanted to buy it so she let it go. It went to a good home where it will keep quail.

After our event, and before we began the clean-up process, we had a pot luck in the courtyard of the Plummer House where we held the event. If you are new here and don't know what the Plummer House is look at the "Plummer House Page" listed above.

                                     Here is a photo of some of us at our courtyard picnic.

              We always have great family fun with this event! And make a little money to boot!

UPDATE: Check out the new listings in our Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! After we get 100 items listed, we will have a GRAND OPENING including a Give-Away! I say, "we" because my husband and daughter have joined in the fun! Love having a business with the FAM!

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