Monday, October 17, 2016


                                                   Be your own kind of beautiful!

So I've been excited to find lots of very cool stuff for my Etsy shop, Gwen And Alma's! I still find myself drawn to Farmhouse/Country Blue treasures. Blue just makes me smile!  But as you'll see in my Etsy store, I'm still open to picking up other things that jump out at me.

The blue slats in the background I purchased from a collector who said they had been truck bed slats. I have a spot where I could use them in my home, but right now I'm using them as a backdrop for photos.  Aacckkk! Too many shadows in these pictures!

Right now I'm watching "Dancing With The Stars" while I write this. I  don't believe in multi-tasking so I'm going to get off the computer and enjoy watching the dancers! Dancing also makes me smile!

Thanks for stopping by!

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