Wednesday, October 5, 2016


                                                    Only 80 days until Christmas!

I know, it's not even Halloween yet! But I'm trying to get in the  swing of things like Etsy shops do around this time. This will be my first Holiday Shopping Season in my Etsy Store and I want to be ready!

But I DO have mixed feelings about it! Like, I DID feel annoyed  when I was at the Mall and THEY were getting decorated for Christmas! Oh, well.

 I've listed a few new things in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! I'm trying to get lots more items listed before Christmas shopping begins. I'd like to have 200 items listed. Right now I'm at 117. Think I'll get there?

This 1950's Planters Peanuts Stoneware Jar is now in my Shop. The chair that it is on didn't sell in our last sale, so I decided to keep it for  photo ops. And I just bought this new plant which I love. I just hope I can keep it alive. I'm not very good with plants though I love to have them around. So we'll see what happens.

This really old stoneware soap dish is listed. 

Also listed is this cute South Western Lamp Shade with Twine Trim and this Vintage Wood Pencil Box. You could use the box for other things as well...Comb and Brush, Keys, etc.

           How about a  Rustic Pail With Wood  for your Farmhouse or Country Decor? Put a plant in it or find another use for it!

                                    White and Cream Buttons, Anyone? Yup, I've got em!

                                I was going to list these Fire King Mugs with Circus Clowns...

But there's something going on around the country with SCARY CLOWNS! Have you heard about this? Just today, my niece who lives in Florida said their Middle Schools were on lock-down because of a "Clown Threat"! What?!?  That's Crazy! Anyway, I thought I'd better wait and list these later when the clown threats disappear.

The other day I was invited to the Wedding Reception Dinner of a family friend who is Somali. So much fun and so much good food catered from an Indian Restaurant.

                                                      Here's the Happy Couple...

                                                      And here are the proud Mama's!

                                            And lots of little cuties with their beautiful Moms! I wish I had taken more pictures! Everyone was gorgeous!

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  1. Just to think, only 80 days to Christmas!! That clown-business doesn't sound nice...pretty mugs though. The bride and groom look very sweet. Sounds like a fun experience. Blessings, Pam in Norway


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