Tuesday, November 15, 2016


            The true sign of intelligence isn't knowledge but imagination.  Albert Einstein

A couple of years ago I found a vintage shoe rack or baker's rack with wooden dowels and rolling wheels. I had been looking for one ever since I saw one in a magazine. They are difficult to find! As soon as I saw it, I HAD to have it! I remember the American Picker's saying that when you see something you have been looking for, JUMP on it, it's "Picker's 101"! So I did! And I've never regretted the purchase! I love it!

 Here ( above ) I am using it for displaying some stoneware at one of our Hob Nobber Sales. It has 4 wood shelves with dowels, and the end pieces are steel. I LOVE it and use it in my office while not using it in our sales. People kept wanting to buy it at our sales so I figured I better keep looking for another one to sell. And again it took a few more years.... but I found another one!

I purchased this at an estate auction of an antique collector, one of many unique and fun items.

And this one is even nicer than  mine! It has 5 shelves and the ends are wood also. I like the "wood all-over" look! The whole thing has a wonderful patina to it! This is a vintage baker's rack with wheels. Yes, I almost kept this one for myself but I'm used to the one I now have so this one is for sale.

I now have this listed on Craigslist for local pick up and may end up listing it in my Etsy Store. So far I haven't listed anything this big on Etsy so I'm a bit hesitant. BUT if this is something you are interested in, and don't live within "pick-up range" and are interested in it, leave a comment and let me know and we could work out  the shipping arrangements. 

So what would you do with this? I've seen many ideas on Pinterest so be sure and check it out! But it could be used in the kitchen to store large stoneware bowls or other Farmhouse decor, in an office area for fun country style storage, even the living room as a focal point for your Farmhouse style decor. It would even look great in a Scandinavian Style Living room.

This is an original and getting harder all the time to find! It measures 50 inches tall, 30 inches long, and 15 inches wide. If you live within pick-up distance from Rochester, Mn, you could pick it up. Otherwise we could work out shipping details. I'm asking $275 for it.

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