Sunday, October 30, 2016


                                               Don't call it a dream, call it a PLAN!

 Les and I attended one of our favorite auctions yesterday, John Kruesel's General Merchandise and Auction Co.  This one is in our home town. We preview the items the night before and set up our canvas lawn chairs. They usually have two buildings full but we plant our chairs in front of the main auctioneer so we have a place to sit and rest while viewing and bidding on items. This area is where the higher end items ( some, hundreds of dollars per item) are bid on. The other building is often the lower end items, though still amazing items, and we walk around the building following the auctioneers. And yes, I'm usually bidding on the lower priced items. But you can still find some great stuff, like this great "spool chest", which has a special name, but I forgot it.

 When we arrive on Saturday morning, I have my coffee in hand ( brought from home ) and we find our chairs, three rows from the front. John Kruesel, the main auctioneer, owner, and friend of ours, begins with the pledge of allegiance. He's a very patriotic guy and sits up on a stage behind a large "desk" decorated with a red, white, and blue banner, an American flag hanging behind him. Many long time followers of these events sit in the front rows. John's whole family is there helping out. His two daughters ,who are young adults, help out although there are many workers at these events. Their dog, a black lab, walks around like he owns the place.

I bid on this old trunk, but a friend purchased it for herself. I have to buy things at "wholesale" to resell them. Now I wish I would have been thinking of buying it for myself.

This auction includes items from several estates but MOST of the items are from the Estate of a long time collector of antique and vintage items. who recently passed away.
These spoons were sold as a "LOT" and many of them were David Andersen silver and enamelware spoons. David Andersen is Norwegian and this Estate collected Norwegian items. These spoons can sell for $50 each and up.

This Norwegian jewelry was sold by the LOT also. 
Antique soap dish.

These auctions are really fun! Well, for people who enjoy spending a day at an auction, anyway. My husband and I get a number ( this year we were the first to get one so we were number ONE ). But we usually split up ( each taking a card with our number ) and buy things we've talked about buying ahead of time. However, one time I was bidding in front, on a sled. Without seeing me, my husband was bidding against me in the back. He was standing by a man who is a local judge who happened to have been a student of my husbands. He pointed out to my husband that we were bidding against each other! He and my husband got a good laugh out of it!

MANY lamps of all eras. I thought this one was unique.

Many Finlandia Pitchers. I bid on these but didn't get them. So disappointed!

HUGE amounts of old photos.
Many unique antique instruments.

The set of dishes above were Denby Stoneware from the 1960's- 1970's. This is the same pattern I picked out when we got married and had until I sold them many years later. It was fun and nostalgic seeing them again. 

I haven't shown yet, the things I bought. Those will come in another post. I was excited to get the things I did, but regret not bidding higher to get some other things I wanted. I buy mostly to sell, so I have to consider what my customers will be willing to pay. I have to buy "wholesale" while others might be buying for themselves "retail".  But now I'm thinking I might have to change my thinking on some things. I found a very old wood figure similar to the wood man with moveable joints that are popular right now. He was in a box with a leather like camel and other stuff. Bidding against me was John's wife who buys for herself. I stopped bidding at the point I had set for myself so she got it. But if I were to have purchased it for myself I could have gone higher. Then maybe I could even sell it later for my purchase price, ( not making any money ) but just to put something unusual out there. 

Anyway, it is nice that both my husband and I enjoy this activity so it is something we can do together.

Beginning in November, now only two days away, I'll be sharing some things that I have in my Etsy Shop for Christmas Shopping! I have LOTS of great gift items! I'm trying to post 10 new items each week. I'm getting into the mood!!!

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