Monday, January 9, 2017


                   "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for"   William Shedd

I may have posted about this before, but I just came across it again and it's worth my opinion! ; )

Have you heard of "Hygge"? Pronounced "hoo-guh". It's a Danish word defined as a "quality of coziness and comfort" that "creates a feeling of contentment and well being". The nearest translation in English that comes close is the word "cozy".  I found a lot of information online as to what features are found in "Hygge" but many Scandinavians come up with very different ways to experience Hygge. It has become a "big thing" in Scandinavian countries. But they seem to use a rather broad interpretation of the idea. For example, in a video, one interviewee while sitting in a crowded cafe/laundromat drinking coffee said she was experiencing "Hygge". Now I don't know about you, but being in a crowded noisy cafe where washing machines are rotating, doesn't sound "cozy"to me, notwithstanding the cup of coffee she's enjoying.

I mean, if there's one word that has become a BIG DEAL to describe being "cozy", it better be REALLY MY opinion!


Another person being interviewed, a bike seller, said his idea of "Hygge" was riding bikes! Now riding bikes is a fun thing but I never thought of it as COZY!

So I decided to describe some thoughts of what might constitute "Hygge" for ME!  I think we who live where the winters are COLD and feel LONG, could use some ideas at staying cozy during the long cold months of winter. I think that was the original idea of the word. So here are some ideas I've come up with to help you "feel the Hygge" during winter:


First I think that trying to effect all the senses can make a big difference. You know... sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. The more senses you reach in setting an atmosphere of coziness the more impact it will have.

So the first cozy scene I'll describe, attempting to use all the senses:

Put yourself into this scene: You are sitting by a fireplace watching the dancing and relaxing flames ( sight ), hearing the crackle of the fire ( sound ), smelling the burning of the wood ( scent ) and feeling the warmth, while lounging in a comfy chair covered with a soft warm blanket ( touch ). You are enjoying a cup of your favorite warm beverage in your favorite cup or mug ( taste ). You may or may not want to have a book or magazine to enjoy. You may also want another person to relax and enjoy this scene with...or not.


Aaahhhh...Now that's cozy to ME!  Here's another...

You are sitting in your favorite cozy spot, all comfy wearing your favorite warm soft socks. There is a candle with your favorite scent lit nearby adding light and warmth to your space in addition to being surrounded with the lovely scent. There is a beautiful light snowfall outside the nearby window, which relaxes you as you enjoy its beauty. Your favorite relaxing music is playing softly in the background. You are also enjoying your favorite warm beverage or maybe a bite of your favorite homemade bars...or a bit of luxurious chocolate.

Creating "Hygge" requires being intentional. It does not just happen. You must create the atmosphere and then indulge and enjoy its comfort and coziness. Remember to use those elements that touch ALL the senses for full effect!

What would describe YOUR favorite Hygge moments?


  1. We use the word hygge and hyggelig in Norway too, even more used is the word koselig. Neither can be translated into the word cosy, they mean more than that. An american girl studying in Norway once wrote about this, and she really nailed it I think. Can't remember where I found her blog, she had made some very good observations concerning Scandinavia. My idea of perfect hygge, is sitting with a cup of coffee in front of a crackeling fire, either outside in the woods, or inside hearing the wind howl outside. That is both cosy, hyggelig and koselig all at once 😊. Blessings, Pam

    1. Interesting! I may have to come up with a similar word for us in the U.S. Or just borrow one of these! Thanks for sharing!


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