Friday, January 6, 2017


                                    2017   Twelve New Chapters :  365 New Days

I've collected photos of my favorite vintage finds in 2016. Some of them I sold in my Etsy Shop, some at our Hob Nobbers Occasional Sales, and some I kept. Others will be for sale in our Hob Nobbers Sale or Etsy's shop.

You'll find that I like  the old Rustic and Farmhouse style decor. The first one is this old box with its cute hooks. I love to use old boxes for storage  and I love the Farmhouse style look. This one sold on Etsy!

The next item is also a favorite. This cute little desk and chair which I sold at our Occasional Sale.

                                               This large primitive dough bowl sold also. I'll keep looking for more of these! Love it!

I hauled this amazing Library rolling ladder home from Naples, Florida! I sold it at our Hob Nobber sale. Both sides have large wooden steps and had been used as a book shelf.

                                         Are you seeing a pattern here? Lots of wood! Next up is an antique child's folding  table and chair.  This has not sold yet and I'm so surprised. It's adorable and the color is amazing!  I've envisioned this not only as a child's item but  cute vintage decor pieces. But for a child, how cute would it be in a garden setting with a little plant on the table?  This is still for sale in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's!

Below is another REALLY favorite piece. I had never seen anything like this before. This is a unique antique German wooden trencher or trough. The couple I purchased this from were collectors and were downsizing. They had used this as a blanket holder at the end of their bed. So my Hob Nobber partner, Karen, purchased it. And she is now using it in the same way. We often buy each other's treasures!

This is a vintage ice cream stool with a wooden seat.  Love, love, love it! Not sold yet!

I love the color blue and I love stoneware bowls so this was on "My Favorites List" for sure! This sold in my Etsy Shop. I'll be looking for more for sure!

This is a blue enamel Norwegian  tin. The reason this was a favorite is because I had two of the same set.  So you know I had to keep this one to complete the set! Can you believe that I had two of a set of these from Norway and then happened to find the third in an Estate Sale  in another state? I didn't even know there WERE three of them! I had purchased the other two from a friend who collected Scandinavian treasures and was downsizing in retirement. The other tins say, "Sabe" and "Borster". I've had a hard time trying to find the definitions but the closest I've come is that "Sabe" is "Soap", "Borster" is "Brush" and "Soda" is "Soda". Apparently soda  was kept years ago in bathrooms. So my guess is that these might have been hung in bathrooms to hold items used there. If anyone out there has better knowledge of the definitions, let me know.

This next one is something I had not seen before. I couldn't even find another one like it on the internet, and every antique collector I asked had not seen another either. So this is RARE! I sold it in my Etsy Shop to some lucky person! Just love the little soap dish attached to this enamelware!

So that's my TOP TEN for 2016! Of course there were many more favorites but I had to pick only 10!


  1. I would love to find one of the wooden dough bowls! You had a good year and found some wonderful treasures. I remember an enamel bowl with the soap holder at my Grandmother's...on her back porch. My Grandpa always washed up before he went in the house! Happy new year sweet lady. Hugs, Diane

    1. How fun to hear how someone had used the enamelware bowl with soap dish! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year, Diane!

  2. So many lovely things, nowonder you had a tough time picking only ten. Your translations for the blue enamelware are very good. I have the soap one, and also a few kitchen pieces in the same blue enamelware. I bought mine in Skagen in Denmark, apparenlty they used a lot of this blue type there in days gone by. Happy New Year 2017, may it be full of fun finds and happy days. Blessings, Pam in Norway

    1. Hi, Pam,
      Happy to know I found some good translations! It was rather confusing! I love my blue enamelware! Did I mention to you I have several relatives in Norway? A first cousin moved there many years ago and my Grandfather moved to the U.S. from Norway in the early 1900's. when he was a young man. The rest of his family stayed in Norway. Happy New Year, Pam!

    2. My grandfather went to Amerika in the early 1900's. I found his name along with his mother and brother in the records on Ellis Island. Funny feeling. They came back to Norway later, and he went on to South Africa at 19. Travelling was a really big thing in those days, the world was much "bigger". It must have been a huge adventure. Pam xx

    3. Maybe our grandfathers came over on the same boat! Hah! We've always said that those who traveled so far away in those days had to be adventurous and daring! It had to have been risky!


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