Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I'm really enjoying having my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! It's fun being able to sell to people all over the U.S.! Most of my customers live on the East or West Coast, a few down South. I have had some requests to sell in the U.K. so right now I'm working on the details of selling Internationally.

I have ideas of how we could make this a Full Time business but being retired I'm not sure we have  the energy to build a huge business at this time. However, we would like to build it big enough to be able to sell the whole business some day. So our goal right now is to grow our inventory, build our brand, and keep expanding one small step at a time.

          Since we started a year ago, our sales have increased significantly each month! I can't believe people keep finding our little shop!!

                                       I have 11 of these little Swanky Swig Glasses for sale...These are the glasses that got me started collecting vintage treasures in the first place...

                             And we continue to find more interesting vintage and antique treasures...
                                      Like this handy dandy Notecard and Pencil Holder

                                        Organize with this 8 compartment wire basket...

                                         How about an antique Flow Blue Salt Container?

                                                       Harry Potter Glasses, anyone? 

                      For Your Office Desk....A Vintage Retro Letter ( or napkin ) Holder

                                                            And just in time for Easter...Collect more and make an Easter Banner

                                                        Some Great Granite  Ware....I was going to make one of those three tiered storage holders with these...Great idea for the "buyer" of these fun rusty granite bowls!

                          And a darling Chick Tablecloth for Easter! But this already sold!

You can see more photos of these and even MORE new items listed in our Etsy Shop at gwenandalmas.etsy.com. Hop on over!!

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