Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We just returned from our trip to Florida! Had a nice relaxing and fun time! I managed to find some Estate Sales along the way using the website "Estate Sales. Net". We found one in Tennessee on the way down and one in Alabama on the way home! We found some really fun treasures!

Once I get photos taken I'll post what we found. These will be for sale at our Hob Nobber Spring Sale and some may be listed in my Etsy Shop Gwen And Alma's! In the meantime here are some things that are being listed this week at Gwen And Alma's!

             Other than the coverlet I picked up THESE treasures BEFORE we left for Florida!

And I happened to find this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, wooden bowl for sale online. The ad said "HUGE" but it still didn't hit me how big it was until I picked it up! This is an amazing find which someone will love to have and it will be for sale at our Spring Hob Nobber Sale!

                        It has a wire around the bottom of the rim kind of holding it together.

Until Next Time!   


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  1. How neat is that! I wonder what it was used for! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs!


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