Friday, April 14, 2017


One of the things I've been working on is attempting to live a "Simple Life" in a complex world. It does seem to be what many others are seeking to do also! You know, getting rid of the unnecessary so your life can be more meaningful and intentional.

More people are downsizing and decluttering, wanting to live a simpler lifestyle, getting rid of excess, etc. Hence the tiny home phenomena and the increase in minimalist living blogs.

This gets harder to do when you are in the business of selling antique and vintage treasures. I mean, you have to collect all kinds of STUFF, find places to store them while waiting for them to sell, and then you need all the shipping stuff, and on and on. So is it possible to live simply and do this business that we love?

And then there is our living situation. While many of our friends in retirement are downsizing to condo living or even living in motor homes, we continue to live in a 49 room mansion ( well, we don't live in ALL 49 rooms!)! But this also happens to be part of our "retirement job" and so it works for US! And yet...It's not really all that simple! Hah! And still we love it!

I'm sure there are many others out there who are in situations such  as ours. We love everything about our lives, though they may seem a bit complex, but would like to make things a bit simpler!

So my challenge has been to create an Intentional Simple Lifestyle even while having to have a bit of "clutter" in my life. I can't be the ONLY person in this situation.

We live in a world where busyness is highly regarded. And the accumulation of "stuff" can get out of hand! Some people actually rent storage units for excess items they have no where to put! And the interest in organizing ( there are whole stores just selling organizing items ) is a result of having so much stuff you need to find places to store everything!

I think that as a result of this busy lifestyle and clutter issues, more and more people are leaving the rat race and finding serenity in places where they can make a living and still have the lifestyle they are seeking. You see this in shows like Caribbean Life on HGTV. People just chucking the busyness and finding a different lifestyle living in the Caribbean!

But not everyone can do that nor maybe wants to. So IS there a way to live simply even without moving or quitting your work?

So I asked myself, " Can WE simplify our lives and still do the things that we love?" And that is what I'm working on. I don't call it "work" really because I love to come up with a plan to "figure out" these kinds of things! And while i work it out for US, I'm writing a little e-book about how to do it!

If you have any tips you'd like to share, please pass them on! I'd also like to hear  experiences of any downsizing YOU'VE done to simplify your life!

SIMPLICITY!  That's the goal!

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