Friday, May 5, 2017


So I watch a lot of HGTV which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me! One thing that is always said on the show when viewing an outside space is something like, "I could see us sitting out here enjoying our morning coffee." That seems to be a regular line on the show. So when Les ( husband ) suggested on a beautiful quiet morning that we sit outside and read the paper with coffee (me) and juice (Les), it brought that "line" to mind. Never mind that we do not OWN the Plummer House, "I could still see us sitting outside and enjoying our morning coffee".

So the first space I thought of was the Sun Porch. Reminder: We are Resident Directors in this 49 room Historical Mansion ( See Plummer House Page ).

                       Yes, I am reading a book on repurposing JUNK by Ki Nausser. The four season glassed in porch overlooks a garden which used to be a swimming pool. To the left of the sunporch is the space that used to house the Green House ( to be rebuilt in the future) and to the right is the path to the Courtyard. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the Courtyard.

Les brought out our comfy "beach chairs"  which may not seem fitting here but they were comfortable.

                              We enjoyed the Pansies in pots and in the Courtyard Garden.

Path back to the Sun Porch and freshly planted Pansies in the garden

                        Our view from the Courtyard of the lawn and gardens, and ponds below...gorgeous!

                   Yes, this truly is a Magical Place to enjoy our morning coffee ( or juice).

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