Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Bring Farmhouse Charm into your bathroom with these Antique Accessories now selling at Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shop! It's the little details that can make the difference in your bathroom!

You don't need that claw foot tub or even that large armoire you might see in large vintage bathrooms. Although they WOULD be nice, I"m not gonna lie!

But you can also just add a few ANTIQUE DETAILS  that will set the mood and create the Farmhouse Charm you are looking for!
                              Add this Antique Ironstone Soap Dish!  I have TWO of these!

Or if you prefer, Wire Soap Dishes, we have this one...

                                        Or here is another Antique Wire Soap Dish option...

                      These Two Antique Rustic Silver Containers can hold Q-tips or cotton balls.

                           Or for small storage, how about repurposing this Antique Spice Cupboard...

                                              Or this cute little Shelf With A Drawer...

                This Antique Soap Saver would add some Antique Charm AND be useful as well!

                                      This would make an adorable Antique Bath Towel Rack.

                           This Vintage Wood Tray would be perfect holding bath accessories.


                        This adorable Antique Cream Chair would also look cute holding towels.

                             This Antique Stool/Bench could also be a towel holder or a step stool.

                              Click on to the link to find these great treasures.

Next, I'll have ideas for a Mid Century Modern Bath!

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