Monday, June 19, 2017


I love Oriental Rugs! I'm not sure when the interest in Oriental rugs began but probably sometime after we moved into the Plummer House ( see Plummer House page ). The house has oriental rugs in every room on the main level. So they began growing on me.

Right now I'm liking this one I found...

Yeah, it's pretty and also pretty expensive!

But look how great these rugs look in living rooms:

Notice in these rooms that the furniture is solid colors for the most part so the rug stands out. So that's my "problem" right now. Other than our sofa our furniture has plaids and flowers on them, so they might not work with that much pattern. At least I have all the right colors for this rug! So now I'm considering whether i should recover my chairs.

One thing seems to lead to another. Still, they ARE beautiful! Maybe I could still make it work! I'll have to think about it!

Do YOU like Oriental Rugs?

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