Saturday, June 10, 2017


I saw this old banana crate in a magazine once and have been looking for one ever since. Well, one that is in my price range, that is.

 I saw one at an Estate Sale once priced at $400 and thought it was a little steep! So I was MORE  than a LITTLE excited when I found one at a garage sale in a price range that I could afford!

When I find things that are a bit more difficult to find, I have a hard time trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it. The reason I want to keep it is obvious! But the reason I like to SELL these hard-to-find treasures is that I love to see someone else getting just as excited as I do when they find it at OUR sales! Yeah, I'm kind of a people pleaser. But don't worry. I DO keep plenty of things for myself. But also, it keeps people coming back to our sales because they know we find great stuff!

Here is the one I found:

It has the same metal handles at the ends, and metal around the corners and the rest is wood. Now all I need are the frames for two little camp stools to set it on and I'm good to go!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer! I'm going to sell this in our booth at Gold Rush. So if you've been looking for one, head to Gold Rush in Rochester, Mn some time in August.

Be sure and check out our Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shop! I've been adding more items and there are a lot of new treasures to swoon over! Be sure and "Favorite" our shop to receive updates!

Thanks for stopping by!

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