Sunday, June 4, 2017


Sometimes when we're buying items at auctions, they throw things together so you're bidding on things you want and you take what goes with it that you might NOT want. Such was the case with one particular item that was hidden in an antique firkin. This is what was in the firkin:

                                    THIS CREEPY LOOKING HEAD!!!

Some guy walked by me, noticing the head, and said, " Well, I guess everybody needs to get "a head" in the world!"  LOL

But this head is CREEPY! I was wondering what to do with it and my husband insisted we just keep it! He thought it would be fun to scare people with it!  So right now it's his full time hobby! Trying to come up with ways to scare people. When our adult children came to stay and hadn't seen the head, he hid it under the comforter, laying on one of their pillows! 

Then when we had window washers doing the outside windows, he set it on something so that when they climbed the ladder to the second floor, they would see this head staring out at them from inside. One of the window washer guys said, "That scared the bejeemers out of me!" I told my husband that probably was not wise as he could have fallen off the ladder!

It frequently makes an appearance on MY pillow and it never fails to make me jump back even though I've seen it before!

He sets it in unexpected places so when it appears in a cupboard, for example, you jump out of your skin when you see it, not expecting this creepy thing to be peering at you from a cupboard.

Now he and my son thought they should set it on the dress from I have...

So he's having fun with it. 

But I'M ready to find him/her ( we haven't figured out whether it's male or female yet) a new home. Maybe in our next sale...


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