Friday, August 11, 2017


Yeah, I know it seems like I'm rushing it! But here's why... 

If you want a more relaxing Christmas Season this year ( and who wouldn't like THAT? ) then begin now to get your shopping done our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! No more running around at the last minute, trying to find that perfect gift.

And in addition to  Fall Treasures and our usual FUN FINDS, we will have a Christmas Room in our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! We will have an assortment of Vintage Christmas Decor! These are little pieces of nostalgia bringing back memories of Christmas' past.They also would make great gifts!

There will be smaller items that you could use as decorations on your Christmas packages. Also, Christmas linens! Be sure and check out THIS room!

See sidebar for more information on our Hob Nobber Fall Sale! it will be here SOON!

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