Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Les and I spent the weekend at Gold Rush as vendors. We had fun, sold some stuff, and filled up on the BEST Kettle Corn around! We also met many interesting people from all over!

Our space is divided in two areas. Right smack in the middle are two back to back shelves which can't be moved. So it doesn't always leave room for a lot of creating vignettes. But it DOES help in having things to put small items on.

                Les helped out setting up items on the shelves while I put together little vignettes. I tell him where to put things, of course.

I sold the Seed Rack to the perfect couple! It will have a good home! As they came by the husband said, "I have to have this!" He said it brought back so many memories of his Grandma giving him packets of flower seeds to plant and these were some of the  kinds of seed packs she gave him! He still plants flowers and is a Farmer and uses the exact seed company listed on the bottom of the rack. It was meant to be!

                                           So nice when treasures go to the perfect home!

I also did a little shopping myself and bought a cute little ladder and a wire basket. I"ll be bringing these to our Hob Nobber sale to sell. I wish now I would have bought more...

Just met with the Hob Nobbers this week to run down the layout for the Fall Sale. We keep things pretty much in the same areas. But one difference this year is that we will have more than toys and linens upstairs. So you're going to want to make sure and get up there! We're going to mix up some things a little bit!  There will also be a Christmas Room filled with Vintage Christmas Decor as mentioned in a previous post. We also have some Vintage Norwegian Wool Sweaters for the cold winter coming up. And some of the collectible toys will be around the house in various places. So you're going to have to hunt and take a few trips around the house to make sure you see everything! We will also have some antique books if you're into old books! And folk art and whimsies! Folk art make great collectibles so make sure and check that area out! So pretty much LOTS of everything!

Hope to see you there!


  1. We have been coming to Gold Rush for 39 years and were disappointed to see so may empty vendor spaces. We found out what was going on from several of the vendors. The city is charging a frontage fee on private property, on top of the usual space fee. A handful of our favorite vendors will not be back next year. We have thoroughly enjoyed Oronoco Gold Rush and hate to see the venue disappearing. (Rochester Gold Rush does not have the relaxed charm of Oronoco.)

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your comments! Actually I had not heard that about Oronoco. I knew they were losing vendors but I wasn't sure why. I DID have a lot of customers of ours at Rochester Gold Rush tell us that they thought Oronoco GR was getting to be more junk-type stuff ( which some people love ) but I haven't been there for years so I don't know what it's like. We like the one in Rochester because we can be inside to sell. I wonder if Oronoco GR feels more charming because of the small town atmosphere with everyone getting involved. Wish we could capture that atmosphere at Rochester GR. You'd think Oronoco would realize they might be killing a big fundraiser for their little town. ; (


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