Monday, October 30, 2017


Les and I attended an Auction in town last weekend. John Kruesel is the owner of the Auction Co. and a friend of ours. Despite the fact that we don't need to buy much because of all the inventory we have yet to list on Etsy, we enjoy going and thought that we might even find something to buy for ourselves.

John is a very patriotic guy and always starts the auction with the Pledge Of Allegiance. He's the one sitting behind the microphone below. He has a casual style and stops to make sure he knows who is bidding. One time he asked a woman, "Is the lady with her bidding number in her mouth bidding? Oh, you're just doing your hair. OK" 

When the Scandinavian bench below went up for bidding someone yelled out, "How long is it?" John said, "Well, I don't have a measurement but I would guess three large butts."

The Auction was held on Friday night and all day Saturday. Friday night items were being sold for a song. A beautiful Grandfather clock sold for $10! If you were in the market for one you would have hit gold! If you were in need of nice furniture for cheap it would have been a goldmine! But we decided to leave early because we didn't see anything we HAD to have. I'm having second thoughts about that now though after Saturday's Auction. On Saturday things were much pricier. See these little antique boxes below? Not one sold for less than one hundred dollars. And some well over one hundred.

On Saturday the items being sold were huge Maple furniture pieces that were pretty cheap but that's not my style. But there were lots of Primitives and those were what I was hoping to get. Guess there were some big time collectors there willing to pay more than I was.

One thing about Auctions is that it is important to know the lingo. "Times the money" means that there are several similar pieces up for sale but you are bidding on what you will pay for just ONE of these. So there were 8 folk art wooden fish up for bid, and one lady bid $180 ( or around that price ). BUT she didn't know the lingo and thought she was bidding for ALL of them for that price. So she would be paying $1,440 ( $180 X 8 )! They asked if she wanted all of them and she said yes, thinking that she was paying $180 for all 8 fish. Someone went and told her what she actually paid for them. I imagine she was kind of shocked! She took them to an auction worker and told them she misunderstood and they accepted them back and they put them up for bidding again. Some auction companies may not have been as understanding.

                            I really liked this chair but we left before they put it up for bidding. It probably would have been more than I wanted to spend as there were many collectors of Primitives there!

Still it is very entertaining to see all these neat pieces and see what they are worth. We bring our lawn chairs, set them up in front of the podium, and eat great food from the food truck while chatting with friends and hoping we can win something!

I DID manage to find something I liked and kept bidding so I wouldn't go away empty handed. I'll show that in another post.

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  1. I might get carried away bidding if I went to an auction! I would have fun...that's for sure! I have my wooden bowl that you sent me with the orange putka pods in it right now. They look so beautiful for Fall! Hugs!

    1. It's EASY to get caught up in the bidding! Wooden Bowls are so nice for Fall Decor. I'm sure orange pods in it looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by, Diane!


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