Thursday, October 12, 2017


So I haven't been posting lately because I developed two significant cataracts. And by significant, I mean, I could hardly see AT ALL out of one eye and the other was badly clouded. I couldn't drive, read, or see the computer!  I kept knocking things over and the only good thing was that now I was looking pretty good in the mirror... no flaws...that I could see.

It took a couple of months to get in for the surgery but now it's all over and I can SEE!! Better than I have in YEARS! Now I don't even need glasses to drive! I still have to get the other one done but still...My vision in one eye is now 20/20! It's pretty amazing!

By now those  of you receiving my newsletter have heard the news that we are no longer going to hold our Hob Nobber sales.  There were many reasons for this even though we were still going strong! Why not go out strong! Right? I know many people are disappointed by this but all is not lost...yet, anyway.

First of all here are the reasons..Life was getting complicated. Les had health issues throughout the whole month of June, making it impossible for us to go out hunting for treasures.  Health problems kept us from going to the boat for some R&R as well. Trying to find time to fit it being on the hunt for "good finds" started  being stressful instead of fun. Our hobby began to seem like a job!  And it didn't help that this year we began to get some items stolen at our sales. We were getting too big!! Since we have so many rooms open we can't be in every room to check so items were missing  at our last event.

 Also, because the sales always had to be on Memorial and Labor Day weekends, we were yet again unable to use that time for family fun on the boat. Priorities needed to be checked again.

Oh my gosh! Miss this already!

 During this time I have also been working on an e-book about simplifying your life.  Clearly, "my life" was not getting the message of what I was trying to write about.

 So it was time to evaluate. I won't go through the steps of how we came to that decision, but we made it and we don't regret it. Actually, I felt a huge relief come off my shoulders even though I still love "the hunt". What's the Next Chapter? So here is where "all is not lost" and where I can still hunt for treasures and you may still find a place to buy our stuff.

Each Hob Nobber partner is considering options. Maybe we will all do Gold Rush together or find other venues that aren't going on over the holiday weekends. These other venues won't require such large amounts of space to fill.  We are all going to do some checking on options. One thing I WILL continue is my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! You can shop all year round on there and if you are local you can save shipping by contacting me in person about an item. I still have some great inventory that I will be listing. Etsy is  a great place to find one of a kind items for unique Christmas gifts.  I'm also putting some bigger items on Craigslist.

Les and I still enjoy the hunt so we won't stop altogether! But I AM enjoying selling on Etsy in our Gwen And Alma Shop! It doesn't require heavy lifting, a huge set-up, and we can still enjoy family time on the two big holiday boating days of the season.

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